Standard Delivery (Included with Full-Size Tree Purchase): We bring the tree into your home.
  • Tree setup is not¬†included with Standard Tree/Delivery Purchase

Tree Setup ($24.95): We place the tree in a stand (not included), water it, remove the netting, and clean up.
  • Lights aren't included with Tree or Tree Setup purchase
  • We strongly recommend using Cinco Express stands as most others aren't stable or practical

  • Select delivery¬†date/time¬†when you place your order, refer to our¬†Delivery Zones information page to see¬†which delivery days/shifts correspond with¬†our different delivery zones
  • You'll get a text and/or email with a 2-3 hour delivery window the day before your scheduled delivery
  • Confirm and let us know anything we need to be aware of for delivery
  • If there is an issue with the text service, we will send an email to confirm¬†
    • For high rises, arrange freight elevator access in advance and tell us delivery specifics
    • If you can't receive texts on the provided number, let us know
    • Contact us to change¬†your selected¬†delivery date or order details

    • Make sure someone is home and the¬†path¬†to where you want the tree placed is clear
    • Our delivery team will call or text about 15-30 minutes before they arrive
    • If there's a delay, we'll let you know as soon as we can
    • If you're not happy with our service or products, tell our team immediately, we can often solve problems on the spot
    • In rare cases, due to bad weather or emergencies we may¬†need to deliver on a different day


    In-Home Removal & Recycle (up to 10 ft. - $49.95/tree),(10ft+ - $74.95): We remove your undecorated tree from its stand, clean up, and recycle it.

    Contactless-Curbside Removal & Recycle ($29.95/tree): Leave your tree outside, we'll take it to be recycled (Core Chicago Zones only).
    • Tree removal isn't included when you buy a tree, we recommend buying removal at the same time
    • 10ft+ trees require the Oversized Tree Removal Purchase
    • Prices for removals booked after Christmas will be higher ($49.90 curbside, $99.90/inside home) and subject to availability
    • Please remove all decorations before we arrive
    • We'll recycle your tree and do a basic cleanup before we leave