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Delivery Process: What's included and What to Expect

We value the safety of our clients and employees.  Staff complete a daily healthy symptoms checklist including a temperature scan and perform daily sanitation of our trucks and equipment. All staff are required to wear facial protection during delivery. Staff wear gloves and sanitize their hands between deliveries. For the safety of our staff, we request clients wear masks during delivery.  We've also added an optional "Contactless Gratuity" at checkout to eliminate the need to handle cash for delivery/removal tips. Upon request, this amount can be adjusted afterwards based on your experience. Email for additional information.

Refer to our COVID-19 page for additional details.

Standard Delivery: This includes delivering the tree inside your home, but does not include tree setup.

Standard Contactless Delivery:  Upon request, we will deliver your tree and accessory outside your residence to avoid personal contact. Please specify details in the "Comments" box at checkout (i.e. please leave the tree on the front steps, besides the garage, in the hallway leaning against the door, etc.). Our team will leave a message via text or voicemail once the delivery is complete.

Tree Setup - $19.95 Includes: Putting tree in stand, watering, removing netting, and basic clean up (sweep).  Note the stand is not included and must be purchased or supplied by customer. We strongly recommend Cinco Express stands as many 3rd party stands are not stable, hold limited water, and are difficult to adjust. Lights decoration is not included in tree setup.  

1 Day Prior to Delivery/Removal

You will receive email/text/call 1 day prior to delivery to provide a 2-3 hour time slot. 

  • Please respond with a confirmation & include any notes helpful for seamless delivery
  • Make sure you provide a number that receives text 


Delivery Day

For everyone's safety, please notify us if anyone is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and either select Contactless Outside drop or reschedule your delivery once COVID symptoms are mitigated. Ensure someone is home to accept tree and there is an unobstructed path to tree drop location. This includes removing any snow/ice on entrance into home.

Our delivery personnel should call/text with a more precise arrival time when they are 15-30 minutes out.

If drivers are running outside the 2-3 hour time slot, someone should notify you as soon as it becomes known so you can better plan your schedule. 


If any parts of our service or products do not meet your expectations, let our crew know immediately. We will work with you to address your concerns. Our delivery crew typically can address most situations on the spot (swap tree, extra products in truck, clean up, etc.). You can also escalate any issue by emailing or calling 312-GRN-XMAS.

Safety, professionalism, and satisfaction are our primary objectives. In extreme circumstances (weather, emergencies, etc., an alternative delivery date may be required).


Removal Day  (additional fee for each tree)



Trees should be undecorated with all lights/ornaments removed prior to staff arrival.

Chicago Curbside (Contactless)- $24.95/tree (tree outside & we take it to recycle)
Chicago In Home - $39.95/tree (remove undecorated tree from stand, basic clean up, recycle tree)
Elmhurst Home to Curb - $34.95/tree (remove undecorated tree from stand, basic clean up, tree placed on Curb for the City of Elmhurst to recycle)

Removal orders placed after Christmas are pending capacity and the price of removal will increase ($39.95 curbside, $79.90/ inside home).  

Rest assured your tree will be recycled. Our staff is equipped with a broom and hand vacuum and will do a basic cleanup prior to leaving your home.