Tree setup does not include a tree stand. Not all stands support a tree the same way. Our staff is trained to setup trees using our Cinco Express stands. Cinco stands are stable, easy to adjust, and hold adequate water. If you don’t already have one of our stands, we strongly recommend obtaining one.

    Frequent issues that arise with 3rd party stands include poor quality, challenging to setup/adjust, improper sizing for the tree, confusing design, and are more likely to result in issues such as the tree tipping over, drying out, or not being straight in the stand. Accordingly, we strongly advise against other stands.

    If at any time your tree appears unstable or is leaning, please contact us immediately. As a tree settles or possibly gets bumped by people/pets, it may shift over time and need adjustments to stabilize it. We are more than happy to send a crew over for a safety check. 

    Our liability is limited to the order purchase price.


    • Confirm stand matches tree size (up to 8ft small, 10ft medium, 12ft large), if you are approaching the max height, consider going up a stand size
    • Place floor protection below stand (recommended)
    • Clear all interfering branches past bolts
    • Insert stump into spikes on bottom (must touch bottom)
    • Tighten bolts into tree trunk
    • Adjust straightness with bolts
    • Ensure tree is stable and verify it is straight in stand
    • Add water