At City Tree, we take tremendous pride in being Chicagoland’s #1 tree delivery service. We’re a local small business, so it’s truly the loyalty of our customers ever since Chris first founded the company in 2009 that have allowed us to prosper and grow into the brand that we are today. We love seeing clients year after year and we truly enjoy being a part of your holiday season.

Our team? You might recognize them. They could be serving you at a local diner, fighting fires, maintaining law and order, or serenading you at a musical gig. Our staff consists of local, hardworking Chicagoans that are dedicated to making your holiday season special.

At City Tree, we source all of our products locally.  When able, we support our local business community shopping small. Every year, we partner with small business Taylor & Co. Events to provide our handcrafted wreaths and garland. From vendors to hiring from our own neighborhoods, our roots are deep in the community. Your decision to shop local supports a bigger movement, a Chicagoland society dedicated to sustainability, benevolence, and the future of small businesses like ours.