Our tree lot opens for the season Friday November 25 at 1531 North Damen Ave.

Sat/Sun 9am-9pm, Mon/Fri 12pm-9pm, Tu/Wed/Th 4pm-9pm pending weather.

We offer all products including delivery/removal (typically 1 - 2 day lead time), tree setup, etc. Note online already include delivery. The Standard Delivery charge on the lot is $25 + $19.95 setup (optional), Pending availability, a surcharge will apply for over sized trees or deliveries outside of the core delivery zone.

Removal is NOT included in your tree purchase. This can be purchased separate. Note we recommend purchasing removal before Christmas as time slots fill up quick and we have limited resources for removal. The price doubles for removal purchases made after Christmas.

Delivery Preparation

We will confirm a 3 hour time slot 1 -2 days prior to delivery via email, text, or a phone call. Please notify us if the number you provided can not receive text messages.

For the safety of our customers and delivery staff, we ask that you clear a clean wide path between your door and the location you want your tree dropped off. Please shovel your doorstep, clear, and eliminate any slippery spots (ice, snow, water, etc). Also, please restrain any pets. If there are special needs or your residence is difficult to find, please list this detail in the Comments portion of check out. This includes items such as “Please use the Freight elevator found in the entrance in the alley.”

Changing Delivery Dates & Order Info

Email us at as soon as you realize you need to change your delivery date or order. We will work with you to find a convenient time with availability, however we need advanced notice.

Do you set up my tree - (Premium Setup)?

Our standard delivery service includes delivery within your house. If you are interested in our Premium set up, we will happily set up your tree and make sure it’s placed in the right location, standing upright, remove the tree netting, and ensure it has water in the stand. There will be an additional $19.95 charge for premium set up. 

What if I don't like my tree?

We only offer USDA Premium trees, not the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We would not deliver a tree that we would not put in our own house.

Very rarely is anything in life 100% perfect. After all, your tree isn't artificially designed and created in China. Mother Nature grew it just for you. We will provide you with a freshly cut quality tree without any major blemishes. In the event you are not happy with your tree, we will work with you to resolve any concerns.

Orders Outside Core Delivery Zone

We would like to help you, however given the large size of the Chicago metropolitan area, our staff can only effectively cover a predetermined area while still maintaining the quality/timeliness our customer expect.

If you live near our delivery zone (map) and can be flexible on the timing, we may be able to accommodate your delivery on a slower weekday. Depending on the location, a surcharge will apply (typically $25 for Hyde Park, Evanston, etc.)

Redelivery/Not Home

Our delivery crew will call you on the day of your delivery to confirm that you are home. In the event you are not home, please list a detailed safe location on where our crew should leave the tree. This could include a porch, in the front yard, at a neighbor’s house, etc. If no options are listed, our delivery crews will be required to come back another day to deliver the tree or refund the order minus a $25 no-show fee.. If we are unable to leave your order or must make multiple delivery attempts, you may be charged a $25 re-delivery fee.

Do I need to add a gratuity to my delivery professional?

The price of the tree includes all necessary fees, however tipping is always appreciated. If you do not have cash and would like to leave a tip, call us and we can process your tip over the  phone and pay the employee.

If you do not order the advanced set up at the time of the order, our team may be able to offer this service at the time of delivery. Special requests will be handled in person.

Poor weather conditions - Delivery/Lot Impact

LOT - The lot may close early or not open in poor weather conditions. Check Facebook & twitter for updates.

Delivery - Our crew delivers rain or shine. In severe weather conditions, please be flexible on delivery times. Taking safety in account, our delivery team will make all reasonable attempts to complete your delivery on tie. In extreme conditions, our crew will work with you to arrange an alternative date that works with you, which is likely the next day. If another date does not work, we will refund your order.

Sustainability & Charity

Our business is built on the model of doing the right thing. 

Whenever available, we purchase local premium quality goods to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure product use for many years to come. We are also involved with local schools, parks, charities, and churches. 

Historical and/or ongoing partners include: 1% for the Planet, Burley Elementary, Waters Elementary, Kellogg/Northwstern, Marget Donahue Park, Wrightwood Neighborhood Association, North Center Chamber of Commerce, Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Dan-Haus German Cultural CenterTrees for the Future, Climate Cycle, Terrapass, along with various other local and national partners. In 2016, we are partnering with Northcenter Neighborhood Association at our North Center tree lot.

Where do your products come from & when are your trees cut?

We always try to purchase our products from local vendors. We believe in supporting local business and want to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our trees come from Michigan or Wisconsin & the first batch is cut right before Thanksgiving. We typically get additional shipments cut in early December.

Whenever possible, we try to sell items made in the United States. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find suppliers for items such as LED lights made anywhere closer than China.

What to expect on Delivery Day?

1 Day Prior to Delivery/Removal

You will receive email/text/call 1 day prior to delivery to provide a 2-3 hour time slot.

  • Please respond with a confirmation & include any notes helpful for seamless delivery. 
  • Notify us if the number you provide is not a textable number.

Delivery Day

Ensure someone is home to accept tree and there is an unobstructed path to tree drop location. This includes removing any snow/ice on entrance into home.

Our delivery personnel should call/text with a more precise arrival time when they are 15-30 minutes out.

If drivers are running outside the 2-3 hour time slot, someone will notify you as soon as it becomes known so you can better plan your schedule. 

If any parts of our service or products do not meet your expectations, let our crew know immediately. We will work with you to address your concerns. Our delivery crew typically can address most situations on the spot (swap tree, extra products in truck, clean up, etc.). You can also escalate any issue by emailing or calling 312-GRN-XMAS.

Safety, professionalism, and satisfaction are our primary objectives. In extreme circumstances (weather, emergencies, etc., an alternative delivery date may be required).

Removal Day (not included with tree purchase)

Same details above apply, however you must have all lights, ornaments, etc. removed from your tree prior to our arrival. 

This service must be purchased separate. We strongly recommend adding this service prior to Christmas as we have limited staffing/time slots available. Removal orders placed after Christmas increase from $24.95 (curbside) to $39.95 and in home removal increases from $39.95 to $79.95.

Rest assured your tree will be recycled. Our staff is equipped with a broom and hand vacuum and will do a basic cleanup prior to leaving your home.

You offer only USDA Premium grade Christmas trees. What does that mean?

We only sell and deliver USDA Premium/#1 Christmas trees. The United States Department of Agriculture created the "United States Standard for Grades of Christmas Trees" that effective October 30, 1989. The standards set the criteria for a grading scale the includes USDA Premium(Snowfresh), USDA #1 (Choice), USDA #2 (Standard), and Cull trees.

For more information, please see the publications here. There is some discretion involved in applying the ratings, however we feel you will be happy with your tree and it will be of a higher quality than those offered by most/all big box retailers and nurseries.

USDA Grading Tiers

U.S. Premium/(Snowfresh) – Fresh, clean, healthy, heavy density, one minor defect allowed per face

U.S. #1/(Choice) – Fresh, fairly clean, healthy, medium density, two minor defects allowed for 3 faces, one minor defect per remaining face


Fresh - Fresh means the needles are green, pliable, and firmly attached; with not more than slight shedding.

Clean - Clean means the tree is reasonably free from foreign material.

Healthy - Healthy means the needles have a fresh, natural appearance characteristic of the species.

Well shaped - Well shaped means that the tree is not flat on one side and the branches of the tree, whether sheared or unsheared, are of sufficient number and length to form a conical outline tapering from the lowest whorl of branches to the top.

Butt trimmed - Butt trimmed means that all barren branches shall have been removed, and the trunk has been smoothly cut at approximately right angles to the trunk.

Density - Density means the amount of foliage on the tree. Factors contributing to degree of density are: The number and size of branches within the whorl, distance between the whorls, number and arrangements of the branchlets on each branch, the extent of internodal branching, needle arrangement, and needle length. Species differ in their habit of growth and some species do not have internodal branches. Density is judged on the basis of species characteristics.

Grading details

U.S. Premium consists of trees which meet the following requirements:

(a) Characteristics typical of the species;
(b) Butt trimmed; except for trees graded "on the stump'';
(c) Normal taper;
(d) Fresh;
(e) Clean;
(f) Healthy;
(g) Well shaped;
(h) Not less than heavy density;
(i) Handle length, unless otherwise specified, shall be not less than 6 inches, or more than 1-1/2 inches for each foot of tree height. For trees graded "on the stump'', handle length will not be a requirement of the grade;
(j) Three faces with not more than 1 minor defect. Remaining face may not have more than 1 minor defect


Why shouldn't I make my purchases from a big box retailer?

City Tree Delivery is dedicated to sustainability while delivering convenience. We realize your time is valuable and that you want to do the right thing. Sure, you may save a few bucks by shopping at your local mass retailer, but who wants to flip through 10 trees to find one average tree. Not to mention, you will spend an hour in line, scratch your car while strapping the tree to the roof, and shed pine needles all over the interior of your car.

Most big box retailers buy Grade #2 or Cull trees cut as early as October and offer other inferior merchandise. The trees are offered as a loss leader or break even just to get you in the store to spend more. Their goal is to sell quantity over quality. The trees are cut over a month in advance and then get shipped from North Carolina or Washington State. They pick their products and accessories based on quantity over quality.

We value your time, the environment, and believe in offering a quality product at a fair price. If you don't share these same values, maybe you should go to a big box retailer.

Am I charged general sales tax on my order?

General sales tax for orders in Chicago, Illinois will be taxed at 10.25%. Out of state orders are not taxed during checkout.

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