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Taking proper care of your tree after it is delivered is essential to having a picture perfect tree on the big day. Below are instructions to keeping your tree fresh for those family pictures.

1. We will freshly cut the bottom of the tree trunk before it is delivered. You will want to get the tree into water within 6-8 hours from the cut, which will possibly be as soon as it is delivered.

2. If need be, you can temporarily store the tree in a cool place for several days before placing it into water.

3. Displaying trees in a traditional reservoir stand is the easiest and most effective way of maintaining their freshness, color, smell, and minimize needle loss.

4. Do not whittle out edges of a tree trunk to fit in a stand. The outer layers are most effective in water absorption.

5. Check you water level daily and make sure the water level is above the bottom of the trunk. It is possible that there is water in the stand but the trunk may not be in the water.

6. Display your tree as far away from heat sources as possible, including fireplaces, portable heaters, and vents.

7. The use of low heat-emitting lights are recommended. LED lights produce the least amount of heat.

8. Inspect lights to make sure there are no frays or worn out strings.

9. Don't overload circuits with too many strings of lights.

10. Always turn lights off when going to bed or leaving the house.