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City Tree Delivery, Inc. is "DEDICATED TO SUSTAINABILITY" by making Christmas Green. Whenever available, we purchase local premium quality goods to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure product use for many years to come. We are also involved with local schools, parks, charities, and churches.

When you order from us, you are making the right product decisions. We base our decisions on corporate social responsibility, not just profit. We measure success based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

Our goal is to offer great local products at a fair price. If you need something or have a special request, email or call us. Nothing is perfect and we don't take our customers for granted. If we make a mistake, notify us and give us a chance to rectify it. Our loyal teams of employees consistently return each year to provide exceptional customer service. They are professional, courteous, and known to go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.

We have donated hundreds of trees to Trees for Troops, Our Lady of the Angels Parish, schools, fundraisers, Kellogg/Northwestern University, to name a few.

Historical and/or ongoing partners include: Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Wicker Park Garden Club, 1% for the Planet, Burley Elementary, Waters Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Madison PTA, Lincoln Elementary, Edison Elementary, Kellogg/Northwestern, St Lukes Academy, Margaret Donahue Park, Wrightwood Neighborhood Association, North Center Chamber of Commerce, North Center Neighborhood Association, Dan-Haus German Cultural Center, Trees for the Future, Climate Cycle, Terrapass, Second City Canine Rescue, along with various other local and national partners.