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Group Orders

Tree Delivery and removal must take place on the agreed upon building delivery date to qualify for the package discount. Please contact your group representative or call 312-GRN-XMAS with any questions. 

1) Click on your preferred tree package (6ft, 7ft, or 8ft) and then pick your building from the "Group Building Date" drop down to select your delivery/removal date. ADD TO THE CART. 

2) Click the "Back" button to return to the Group Orders page and Add any accessories 

3) Send your cart to Checkout. Add any notes/preferences in the comments box. IGNORE the "Select Delivery Date" on the checkout page.

4) If you won't be home on the group delivery/removal date, please provide access to your home via a signed form with the doorman/building management.. 

Note the Order Confirmation email receipt generated after you place your order indicates removal is not included in the order. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUR GROUP ORDER. The Tree package includes removal on your predetermined building group date (Package includes the tree, stand rental, setup, delivery, floor mat, and removal).

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